Caemawr Shih Tzu

Our Health Guarentee

The purchaser agrees to have the puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian within 72 business hours. A copy of the exam must be mailed to Seller; post marked within 5 business days of the purchase. This is mandatory to start your 5 year guarantee against Congenital defects. Failure to have animal checked within the set timeline voids this guarantee. If your puppy develops a condition that dates back to the fetal stage and this condition would severely impact the quality of life short of euthanasia; you will receive a replacement puppy. These conditions are listed and limited to heart, kidney, and liver from the date of puppies birth. No other conditions are covered in this contract.

1.  This guarantee is NOT transferable.

2.  We warranty that this puppy will not have liver, kidney, or heart problems for 5 years and this contract is limited to only these defects and includes or covers nothing else. If one is found….or in case of death an autopsy must be performed (at Buyer’s expense) and you must provide to Seller immediately, written documentation from a certified vet stating the defect or cause of death and Seller will send it to our vet for review. No puppy will be replaced that fails to have the proper veterinary care.

3.  Seller will issue a new puppy to you, the first available of the same value, as soon as possible. Seller will NOT pay for shipping of new replacement puppy if puppy is to be shipped. Or we can offer you 30% refund from the price that you paid for your baby – Not including shipping, to help you with the treatment. We understand that it is difficult for most people to return their little babies after having spent time with them; therefore we do not expect you to return the puppy to get a replacement puppy.  If you so chose to return the puppy we will gladly accept him back at no cost to us.

4.  Seller does not guarantee hypoglycemia (this is up to the new owner to prevent). If you are going to become a toy dog owner you will want to know the symptoms of hypoglycemia.  Information about preventing this is included in the puppies paperwork.  

5.  Conditions considered normal to the Shih Tzu breed such as but not limited to: cherry eye, stenotic nares (pinched nostrils), under bite, overbite & both inguinal & umbilical hernias are not covered by this guarantee. This guarantee does not cover any contagious diseases, internal or external parasites, viral or bacterial infections, conditions brought on by stress and/or environmental changes, injuries or losses due to shipping, or any other circumstances that the Breeder cannot control once the puppy leaves their care.

6.  We guarantee parvovirus and distemper ONLY if we are contacted within 5 days because the puppy can get the disease after it departs our home. Diagnosis and lab result must be provided immediately to Seller.

7.  Seller is not responsible for any vet or medical bills that are incurred by the said puppy from the date the puppy leaves with its new owner. It is the sole responsibility of the new puppy owner to treat the puppy for all and any medical conditions that arise from the date the said puppy is in the care of the new owner and thereafter.
8.  Seller does not guarantee size, color and temperament. Nor do we guarantee fitness for breeding. Weight is only an estimate. Prices are according to quality.  All puppies are sold as companion animals only & are not guaranteed for show or breeding purposes.  

9.  All puppies MUST remain on a regular vet’s schedule to be determined by the vet and up to date on vaccinations, heartworm and flea preventative at all times.

10.  If puppy is purchased as a pet you agree to neuter or spay the puppy by it’s sixth month and will provide Seller with a copy of the certificate of Spay / Neuter from a certified vet.  Registration papers- AKC limited registration papers for your pet puppy will be released AFTER proof of spay or neuter is received. Puppy must carry the Caemawr prefix.

11.  Resulting offspring/penalties for breeding. Buyer understands the penalties as follows for breeding this dog in violation of this contract and agreement (Only applies to those sold on Limited Registration):
a) Ownership of any resulting litter(s) from this dog is Seller’s’.
b) Ownership of this dog will be forfeited to the Seller.
c) Buyer will be responsible for any legal costs incurred by Seller while enforcing this contract.
d) Therefore Buyer and Seller agree that these promises to spay / neuter and to absolutely prevent puppy births shall be enforceable by legal action for Specific Performance to compel spaying/neutering and shall be enforceable by legal action for Liquidated Damages of $1000 if the puppy has not been spayed/neutered before the age of 8 months plus Liquidated Damages of $1000 per puppy born if this puppy shall ever bear/beget any puppies.

12.  Buyer agrees that said dog will live inside the Buyer’s home and will not be housed outside for any length of time. Buyer agrees said dog will be socialized and treated as one of the family.  

13.  The Buyer agrees that the puppy will never be placed in a shelter, rescue, or sold to a broker, per shop, or puppy mill. If the buyer is unable to keep the puppy, the buyer is required to contact Seller before ever placing the puppy.  Seller reserves the right for first refusal, with no cost to Seller if the buyer chooses to place said puppy. As the breeder, I have a life long responsibility to the puppy and will make EVERY effort to keep the puppy out of shelters

Buyer and seller acknowledge that no representations, verbal or implied, have been
made regarding the puppy. Buyer further acknowledges that this contract will stand in a court of
law & is the final standing agreement between Buyer & Breeder, superseding any other agreements, verbal or otherwise, made regarding this puppy.

ANY LEGAL ACTION TAKEN regarding this purchase will be handled in Vanderburgh County, Indiana District, State of Indiana.


  I (Buyer’s Name):_________________________________have read and understand all the terms above stated in this contract.

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