Caemawr Shih Tzu

What you need for your new puppy!

Each new puppy buyer asks me what they need to take care of their new family member.  This list has working links so you can buy each item online if you choose.

For your convience you can now buy all your supplies HERE! 



   We are proud to feed all our dogs and puppies Fromm Gold Nutrition.  This food is very high quality and the dogs LOVE it and look and feel great on it.


 Give your pup a lick or 2 of nutri cal daily as a treat and to prevent sugar drops. 



We recommend Crate training and a exercise pen if your puppy will be left alone for large chunks of time. That way if your puppy has an accident they aren't stuck sitting in the puddle while you are at work.  

For a crate a 24Lx18Wx19H will be plenty big for the life of your puppy 


A simple nylon collar and leash set of your choice will work well for your puppy.  Avoid chain collars without instruction from a trainer as improper use can hurt your Shih Tzu.   Get a good fitting nylon harness for walks to protect your pups trachea.





You need a good pin brush without ball tips.  The ball tips you find on most pin brushes will actually tear and break the hair. 


Look for a comb with rotating teeth again to protect against breakage. 

Also look for a flea comb or very fine tooth comb for the face 


A good mat breaker will come in handy even with good grooming and daily combing. 

Detangler spray is good to have on hand as well. 

As for Shampoo and Conditioners for at home baths, Oster makes a great formula you can get cheaply at Walmart.  Or look for Groomers Edge brands and dilute according to the directions.


Scissors with rounded tips are perfect for trimming the face and feet in between groomer visits.  The rounded tips will keep you from cutting the dog. 


 Dental care is important with Shih Tzu a good tooth brush can be found at walmart and any pet store.  Brush your pets teeth at least 3 times a week. 


A good pair of nail clippers may cost more but they will last longer.  I dislike the guillotine style clippers and prefer the scissor style.

 Just in case you cut the nails to short and they bleed,