Caemawr Shih Tzu

Current Litters

Callie and Fox blessed us with 2 puppies, a male and a female on 4/2/2012.

Puppies pedigrees can be seen here


If you wish to be placed on a waiting list you must fill out the puppy questionnaire on this page.  Answers you provide will help us determine if you are a suitable home for one of our puppies.  We ask a  NON-REFUNDABLE  $25 fee that is applied towards the total puppy cost to be placed on the waiting list.

We will begin accepting NON-REFUNDABLE  deposits after we have selected which puppies we will have available. Deposit is $200 and is applied to the full cost of $650 with limited AKC.  You can see the deposit agreement in PDF by clicking here.

Bio Sensor and Socialization Information

We practice Bio Sensor Exercises with our puppies.  This is a program developed by the U.S. Military to improve performance of dogs.  This later became known as the Super Dog Program.  The benefits of these exercises include:

 1.  Improved Cardiovascular performance (heart rate)

 2.  Stronger heart beats

 3.  Stronger adrenal glands

 4.  More tolerance to stress

 5.  Greater resistance to disease

 Bio Sensor exercises are done from 3 days of age to 16 days of age.

Current Litter

  Scully is going to live with Eda Boboof Shawnee Valley Shih Tzu

Our Babies


  Please note that color is best guess for the age and appearance of the puppies at this time.   We have a gene in the breed that fades color (the G series).  What will start out as a darkly colored pup goes lighter in about a year.  It's still gold and white or, perhaps, red and white- and for registration purposes, you can only register the pup as the color it is at the time of registration.   

We do NOT sell to puppy mills, brokers or pet stores.  NEVER! Don't bother asking.